Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Family Trip to the Beach

Our family went to the beach this past week and we had a blast. It was the first time we had been on a vacation without grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. It was kinda nice it just being us. Plus, you get to walk around only half clothed if you want to and that is always a plus! :) We stayed at Destin West Beach and Bay Club and it was so nice. It is somewhere I would want to stay at again! The beach was beautiful, the water was so clear, and guess what? NO OIL! Andrew and Austin done a lot of fishing, and me, Kade, and Kamden just enjoyed the water and sun. It was a great trip, although I could've went without the ride home. Kamden honestly cried and screamed for about two hours on the way home. He has never traveled well. To this day, he still cries when you put him in his carseat. But, I was impressed on the way down there because we didn't hear a peep out of him. All in all, it was a great vacation, and we got to spend some much needed family time. Just wish we could've stayed longer!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kade's Birthday Party

Last Friday we had Kade a swimming birthday party. I honestly didn't think the birthday party or vacation were going to happen, but everything pulled together, the boys started feeling better, and everything turned out great. Thanks to everyone for coming, for the gifts, and for being part of Kade's 4th birthday. We love you all!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Kade!

Today is Kade's 4th birthday!! I can't believe how the time has flown by. He is excited today too, even though he is running a high fever with a sore throat. He got a card in the mail yesterday from the church and toted it around the rest of the afternoon. I had to read it to him three different times. He was proud of his personal mail! We are going to have him a swimming birthday party Friday night, so I will post party pictures later. Happy birthday Kadie-bug!! We love you!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update on Sparky

Okay, so maybe Sparky didn't adjust to the wild life after all. Less than 24 hours after being free, after a storm came through yesterday evening, Austin hollers out, "Look, there's Sparky." And yes, there was Sparky on our front porch on top of the rocking chair all drenched looking in the window at us. So, we went out to visit him and Austin had went and got him a piece of a waffle from supper, so Sparky sat on top of my head and ate part of his waffle, then took back off to the woods with the waffle in his mouth. We just thought he was probably hungry. But, no he came back, got back on top of the rocking chair and kept jumping up and hitting the window until we put him back in the house. So, he got to sleep in his stroller again or as known to him, his home. But, this morning Andrew took him back out to the woods, but who knows he will probably come back pretty soon, especially since he has figured out how to get our attention to let him back in. So cute!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You're Free Little Guy......

A couple of months ago, Jenny gave me a call that someone had given her a baby squirrel and that she didn't want it. I guess she knew I would take it, because I had to bottle feed one last year too. So, Sparky has been part of our family for a little while. I had to bottle feed him for several weeks, and he stayed in our bathroom in a cage, until he was active enough to get out of the cage and plus, to be honest squirrels are just messy little creatures. I took all I could with Sparky in my bathroom, so we moved him out in the garage until we could come up with another solution as to where we could put him until he was ready to be released. So he took up residence in my garage and called a stroller I had hanging up on the wall home. Yes, he slept in this stroller and when you went out there and called him, he would peek his head out of the top of the stroller. And, no this stroller is not usable anymore. He was very friendly and tame, and would love to crawl around on you and "fight" with your hand. He was definitely a cutie, but as time went on I was starting to miss my garage and longed for it to be cleaned out. Oh, did I mention that squirrels are not very tidy? So I started feeling sorry for him, because he knew nothing of the outside world, and me and the boys got Sparky and took him outside. At first he jumped off in my shrubs, but then came right back to me and jumped on my shoulder, but then it was like he realized he was free and took off running for a little patch of woods by our house and started playing in the trees. It was funny, because this even looked like new territory to him, because he actually fell out of the tree, but caught himself on another limb. So that is where we left him. A couple of hours later it started thundering and yes, I went outside and started to call him to see if he would come back to me. And yes, my thoughts were to put him back in the house until the storm was over, but no Sparky. I know, pathetic, right? So, anyways, this was my successful story of mothering a squirrel and returning it back to the wild.