Friday, October 8, 2010

Class Reuninon Attempt

Okay, so I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything. I went from several posts a month to well....nothing! Life has been so busy. I have been working full time, and by the time we get home, get homework up, and try to get lunches and clothes ready for the next day, I am totally exhausted. Once everyone is in the bed, I try to sit down and watch t.v., but that lasts for about 20 minutes before I am asleep for the night. I sleep most nights on the couch, because that is where I crash. I have enjoyed my job in Talladega, have enjoyed the people and the type of work, but it has been so hard being that far away from the kids. With that being said, God has blessed me with a new job working in Ashland for Dr. Poole and Dr. Champion. It will be 8-5, Monday through Friday. Yay! No working Saturdays anymore, plus I am so happy that I will be able to get off in time to pick the kids up from daycare. I have had to rely on Maurine Monday through Thursday, and my Mom on Fridays to pick my kids up. I do not like relying on someone every day to pick up MY kids. But, I am so thankful for a mother and mother-in-law that has been willing to go that extra step to help us out. I will start my new job on Monday.

Last weekend was my class reunion, or should I say attempted class reunion. We were to meet at Court Square Cafe for supper and then attend the Homecoming football game. Well, four of us showed up for supper and then there were three others that were at the ballgame! Hahaha! Even though this was not as successful as intended to be, I enjoyed seeing old friends. Even though I see Matt and Ben pretty often, I do not get to see Lisa that much, and I enjoyed getting to see her. Lisa is a type of friend that it doesn't matter how long we haven't talked, we can just pick up like it was just yesterday that we seen each other. I really need to visit my friends more often. Here are some pictures that were taken that night.

Oh, and yes I do realize I have a summer beach picture of the boys and have a fall themed blog, and it is now October. :) Just so hard to get a good picture of all three of the boys together and this was the last attempt. Ha!