Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What We've Been Up To....

I just wanted to update on what our family has been up to.

Austin is finishing up his last week of Kindergarten. He loves school, but I think he is ready for a little vacation. The other day when I asked him if he was ready for first grade, he replied,"No, I'm not signing up for first grade this time." It is funny how they catch on to the "signing up" thing. I guess in his little mind he had signed up for tball, had signed up for arts camp, will be signing up for peewee football soon, so he just took it that you "signed up" for school too. :) His last tball game (I think it will be his last) is Saturday. Tball has been fun and I think it has taught him some things. Our Awana program at church has ended for this year and we are having a pool party tonight at Meme and Paw's house. We have already been swimming a couple of times, and Austin is really getting better at swimming. He just needs to work on going under water, but he is definitely making some progress.

Kade is just Kade. He is just hanging out taking it easy. He is just going with the flow and enjoying life. I am beginning to see that he is taking on my personality. He tends to be quiet and keeps to himself alot. He likes being around other kids, but also likes to be by himself. As far as his progress in the pool...he would rather just float around relaxing.

Kamden is a clown. We laugh at him constantly. He is now using the potty (most of the time) and feels such accomplishment from this. He giggles all the time and is just so full of life. He is starting to become obsessed with playing ball. Any kind of ball, as long as it is round and he can throw it. You can tell he is going to be athletic. Me and Andrew was laughing the other day because we seen that Kamden could throw a baseball just as far as Austin could. But, of course we would not tell Austin that. Another thing that he does is he will run and jump in the swing, lay back, and wrap his little legs around the chains, and will swing completely upside down. He looks like a monkey when he does this. It is so cute!

I have just been chasing kids and doing the normal day to day routine. I have actually been sick with the crud, and didn't move from the couch much at all yesterday. I feel better today, but still not wonderful. Another "big" thing going on with me is that I have a job interview tomorrow. I had applied several months ago for a job opening in an eye doctor's office. It is a technician's job. I think I would enjoy this, but had actually just forgot about it since it had been a couple of months without hearing anything from it. So, when I got a message that they wanted to come in for an interview, my stomach automatically was tied in knots. I have been at home with my babies for four years now, and it is hard to imagine anything else. Plus, my first thought was,"Oh no, it is summer and Austin is about to be out of school". But after talking to Andrew and seeing that this could possibly take a load off of him from having to work all the time, it just feels right to go for the interview, find out how many hours per week, how much the pay is, and then sit down and figure out exactly if this little bit of extra income would make any difference because I have to consider the cost of daycare, plus it would be daycare for three for the summer. I just need to pray and weigh my options. I just know that our life feels a little off balance with Andrew working all the time. I just wish he could spend some more time at home with his boys, and if me working to help out means that he can be home a little more with the boys, and not so stressed out about money, then that is what I will need to do, because our kids need their daddy home a little more.

That brings me to Andrew.....he has been working his butt off! He is such a hard worker, and I am so thankful to have a husband that works so hard to provide for his family. He has been getting home around 8 or 9:00 alot of nights here lately and has been working alot on Saturdays. Do I think that getting a job would really make him home more and not work on the side so much???.....Uh,no. Are you kidding? But, maybe he wouldn't feel so stressed out all the time. He has been so busy with side work lately, that we are struggling to fit in some "family time". We really need a vacation!!!!

Sorry this post was a little lengthy, but just wanted to update.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Austin is a graduate!

Wow! This year has really flew by so fast. I can not believe that Austin's Kindergarten year is almost over. He had his graduation last night and I was so proud of him. Oh, yeah! Did I mention he was the most handsome little kid there? His part in the graduation was the groom, so he was all decked out in his suit and tie. And, he didn't go without noticing that he looked handsome either. We got a good laugh out of that. He held his head up and walked around the gym with a new found confidence. He couldn't even sit down and stay still. He wanted everybody to see him. The graduation was really cute, but it was suffocating hot in there. I think everyone could have breathed a whole lot better if they would have just had it outside. But, anyways I just wanted to share some pictures of my little man and his special night. I am such a proud Mom!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother, My Friend

Yesterday was a great Mother's Day. We got to see the mothers and grandmothers on both mine and Andrew's side of the family. I have been very blessed to have such a special mother in which at age 30, I can call her my friend. I talk to my Mom everyday and even as I am typing this, she has already called to check on us today. She has went through many trials in her life, but has always came out as a stronger lady. She is a person I can laugh with and laugh at. She is someone I can confide in and she is my best friend. Andrew tells me everyday that I am beginning to act a little more like my Mother, and on occasion I can see it myself. She was always a great, very involved mother when I was growing up and continues to be a great Mom and a great Sweet Nanny (Sweet Nanny is what my boys call her). My kids adore her and I love to see them put a smile on her face like only they can do. I could not ask for a better grandmother or a better mother. She is the absolute best! I love you Mom and I hope you have had a great Mother's Day.