Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween, a birthday, and a deer slaying.......

Wow! It's my favorite time of the year.....Fall! Lots of happenings lately, so I am going to try to wrap everything up in one post. This fall has been great. There is just something about the nip in the air, and the beautiful changing leaves that just makes my heart happy. Fall means dressing up the kids for trick or treating, lazy Saturdays at home watching football, Kamden's and Austin's birthdays, Thanksgiving, and the upcoming Christmas season. Love it! I always feel like a kid again this time of year.

First things first. I always get so excited about getting the kids dressed up for Halloween. Andrew, not so much! Although he does cooperate and try to behave and enjoy it, you can really tell this is just not his thing. This year Austin was a skeleton, Kade a Frankenstein, and Kamden an astronaut. Here are a few pics!

Last weekend we had Kamden a bday party. I can't believe my baby has turned four! Time needs to slow down and keep them little for just a little bit longer for me. Although it can be so stressful while they are at this age, I would not change anything about my life right now! I love my boys more than anything and I am blessed more than I deserve. Here are some pics on how we celebrated Kamden's birthday.

Last, but not least Austin killed his first deer today. He was one happy little guy. And that is deer blood on his face. Crazy (and quite gross) tradition is when a boy kills his first deer, he is to smear the deer's blood on his face. Yuck!

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